See you all at The InMusic Festival June 22 2016"

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Gravity overtook the parrot cover art

Gravity overtook the parrot

Let gravity sweep you of your feet. Now!


About The Band

Fredrik and Jesper have their roots in the guitar and harmonybased indie world, David comes from electronica and Daniel from the punk scene. Together it makes an interesting mix. For about a year ago Fredrik and David , then being neighbours, started to look for something new and fresh. Soon Jesper joined, a childhood friend of Fredrik and bandmate from many different bands over the years. The latest injection is Daniel who have a number of years from local punkbands. Now, after about a year, they have a number of songs recorded as well as videos. Their debut album "To Each Their Own" is available on both digital download and vinyl LP 12" Stay tuned for more  releasedates!!

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